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For most guests, Jack Banner personified Banner Lodge. Along with his wife Ceil and other close relatives, Jack had built the resort up from its humble beginnings as a dairy farm. His dad "Pop" Banner started the farm in 1922 on land that he purchased from relatives. Jack was an ubiquitous presence at the resort, charming guests, greeting entertainers and managing the outside staff and the grounds.

Heavily involved in local and state politics for many years, Jack was an energetic advocate of the Connecticut tourism business.  As a Connecticut State Representative, Banner was the prime force in getting the state to rescue the Goodspeed Opera House from its use as a state DOT garage in the 1960's.

Jack was the main man at Banner Lodge. His death in 1979 was disastrous to the resort's future. Changing vacation habits had already made for a tough atmosphere. In an attempt to deal with changing times, Jack had grand plans for a condo development but those plans stalled after his death and things deteriorated from there.

Here is a sampling of pictures of Jack, posing with Banner visitors, staff, family and entertainers.

Here's Jack!
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