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Undefeated and Unscored Upon

Hale Ray's 1958 soccer team was unprecedented

The 1958 Hale Ray boys soccer team did something no other state soccer team had ever done: They compiled an undefeated regular season with not a single goal scored against them in their 15 wins.  It would have been an extraordinary accomplishment for any team but for a school where the senior class had only 32 seniors (with 17 boys), it was simply amazing.

he 1958 season was led by now-legendary coach Tom Nevers, who had arrived at Hale Ray in 1951. He got to work and soon led the soccer team to three state championships in 1952, 1953, and 1954.  The 1958 season was a whole other thing — the Hale Ray boys simply dominated, leading to their nickname, The Zero Boys. 2009 Hale Ray graduate Justin Bellucci directed this sentimental look at how that season came to be and how it ended with mixed results at that year's state championship.

The Zero Boys and Coach Nevers

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