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A part of my past

I just wanted to tell you what an absolute fantastic job you have done on your website. Starting in 1972 through to about 1980 we used to go to Banner Lodge for our summer vacation. We really grew to love that place & I still have some really great memories of time spent there.

I learned back in the late 80's that the Banner family was closing the lodge & developing condos there. I was really concerned it would be gone for good & all the charm of that place would be lost too. I have gone back several times in the last few years & it is so incredibly sad to see what has become of Banner Lodge. I was just there last week & nothing has changed since the first time I was there.

I decided to do a web search of Moodus to see if I could find any old pics or anything about Banner Lodge & I came upon your website. It is very impressive & I really enjoyed reading all about the urban renewal in Moodus & the history. Even with Banner Lodge no longer in business the Moodus area is still one of my favorite parts of the state. Again, thanks for the great website & thanks for recognizing a part of my past that I thought was all but forgotten about.



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