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Many Riveredge memories

I stumbled across your site while googling for 'moodus riveredge', and was quite surprised to turn up your excellent web site! It brought back many memories of growing up there: buying eggs from your family's farm (I assume the coops/art center were located on the farm on the hilly road to Banner Lodge), the lazy summers at Riveredge (we had a reunion at Frank Davis - 200 people came), and the old downtown with the wooden sidewalks. My uncle Art still has old clipping of the great flood in the 20s which took out the power plant on the Salmon River and crested at a good 20' above normal. My family still remains on Clark Gates Road by the old apple orchards, but I left for better schools in the late 60s.

Riveredge is now a private residence, after a brief attempt as a time-share, but I can still see ghostly echos of my childhood every time I drive by the place. Thanks.

-Diana Donnellan in California (must be an affinity for earthquake country)


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