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Rest Farm, a Bohemian resort

I want to bring to your attention a resort missing from your list: Rest Farm. Rest Farm was located on Bashan Lake Road and consisted of a large main house and 8 bungalows. A few of the rooms in the main house and all the bungalows were rented by the week, month, or summer. My parents took me there every summer as a child, starting, I believe, in the late 1950s.

My parents, The Kaplans, and another couple, the Ondriseks, purchased Rest Farm from a Mrs. Karas sometime in the 1960s. A few years later my parents sold their share to the other couple who continued to operate this small resort until sometime in the 1980s. At some point after my parents sold their share its name was changed to, I think, Four Seasons.

During the 1960s and until it closed, Rest Farm was rented to Czech families from New York City (by the way you misidentify bohemians as Hungarians; in fact, Bohemia is part of what is now the Czech Republic (the western half of the former Czechoslavakia). It is likely that Czech families had been going to Rest Farm even before this period, as I suspect it was the presence of Czechs that initially lured my parents to Moodus. I also believe that the previous owner, Mrs. Karas, was of Czech descent. You may also be interested to know that many of the Czechs, families, retiring couples, and their adult children eventually moved to Moodus and the surrounding area after spending their summers at Rest Farm.

Rest Farm was once of those resorts that, as you mention on your web site, had once been a farm. There were a number of chicken coops and sheds of all sorts, a barn on the property, which I as a child from the city, loved to explore. I hope you will consider adding Rest Farm to your list. If there is any additional information you'd like about Rest Farm, please feel free to email me.

-Sincerely, Jerry Kaplan


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